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Battery Chargers

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Offering excellent inherent immunity to AC line transients, SENS’ SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) chargers offer a combination of rugged reliably, high performance, rich feature set and cost-effectiveness. SCR power conversion employs relatively large iron-core transformers and robust semiconductor power switches to deliver regulated DC output. SENS EnerGenius® IQ, EnerGenius NRG and LC battery chargers are all excellent choices for operation in industrial and engine starting environments subject to dirt, salt fog, extreme temperatures and electrical transients.

Unique Contribution

Award-winning design: SENS EnerGenius® IQ battery charger is the winner of the Innova Award for Best Technology. Consulting/ Specifying Engineer awarded its “Product of the Year” award to both the NRG and IQ. The EnerGenius IQ is the only industrial charger that packages multiple technologies such as battery checking and data logging into the battery charger. According to one SENS customer, EnerGenius IQ “isn’t just a battery charger. It adds a whole new capability to the DC system.”

Industry-leading dependability: Field-observed MTBF exceeds 500,000 hours for the IQ and more than 1 million hours for the NRG, making SENS utility and industrial chargers the most dependable available. SENS specifically designs for operation in harsh environments that include dirt, extreme temperatures and electrical transients.

Highest precision charging: Battery suppliers agree that charging accuracy is the most important factor in the battery achieving its rated performance and life. SENS chargers take better care of batteries because SENS chargers offer the highest precision voltage regulation, temperature compensation and user adjustment systems in the industry.

Unmatched agency approvals: SENS EnerGenius IQ and NRG chargers of course include C-UL listed and CE marked safety agency approvals. EMC approvals include compliance with both FCC regulations and the CE EMC Directive. SENS is the only charger supplier delivering complete families of chargers certified to IBC 2000-2015 and Cal-OSHPD.

Proven abuse resistance: Extreme temperatures, electrical transients, high humidity, dirt, and user abuse are the enemies of electrical products. SENS takes every practical countermeasure during design and manufacturing to defend against real-world abuse.

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