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AC Generators


An independent manufacturer and a leading supplier to the generator market, Marathon Electric is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality electrical products. Proven top performers in every respect, Marathon generators offer powerful performance, reliable power generation and easy installation

The Standard line of Marathon Generators

Special designs are available through Marathon engineering.

  • MagnaPLUS: 5 kW through 430 kW)- Non PMG or PMG generators
  • MagnaMAX: 100 kW through 2400 kW) PMG Generators with DVR2000E+ Regulators
  • MagnaPOWER: 1000 kW through 3500 kW PMG Generators with DVR2000E+ Regulators
  • Mariners: 35 kW – 350 kW Harsh duty generators non PMG or PMG
  • LimaMAC: 5 kW through 300 kW). Self-regulated Generators
  • Pancake: 4 kW through 20 kW Compact generators
  • 1200 RPM, 6 pole: 20 kW through 1500 kW
  • Rig and Crane Duty Generators: Voltages through 15 kV
  • 50-60-400 hertz units.

Manufacturer: Marathon Electric Generators


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