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Day Tanks


From simple manual Day Tanks to large complex Mission Critical Systems, fuel supply systems and components provide for safe, reliable handling, storage and use of liquid fuel.

Mission Critical and Custom Design and Build

Mission Critical Fuel Supply Systems are comprehensive, integrated, project-matched fuel management systems for diesel and turbine generators used in critical applications demanding the highest reliability where utmost dispatch dependability is essential.

Custom Designed Project-Matched Systems are built-to-order for a specific project or need. Various components and options can be combined, or Simplex can create a custom solution based on specific requirements.

Fuel Delivery

Tank Filling Systems, Packaged Pump Sets and Skid-Mounted Pump Sets provide a complete range of solutions for filling fuel tanks safely and easily, with options such as leak detection and alarms, spill containment, automatic shutoff and lockout, fire-rated shutoff valves and lockable enclosures.

Fuel Filtration

Fuel Supply Filtration is especially important considering the stringent fuel quality requirements of modern industrial engines where fuel quality impacts engine performance, reliability and emissions. Many studies have indicated poor fuel quality as a major cause of dispatch failure of standby power systems. Fuel Supply Filtration Systems attack and correct these sources of fuel degradation, becomming a critical element in the chain of reliability of standby power systems by providing a maintenance system for fuel oil in bulk, long-term storage.

Fuel Supply Monitoring

Fuel supply monitors provide safe, reliable evaluation of fuel levels, with leak sensors, pressure switches, overfill preventers or other sensors that activate alarms or initiate pump control functions.

Fuel Storage

Fuel Tanks provide a reliable, local source of fuel for stationary diesel or turbine engine driven equipment, including generator sets, pumps and mechanical drives. Day Tanks are generally used to keep generators running, Filtration Tanks ensure clean fuel, and Fuel Tank Systems provide a complete package for standard and custom needs

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