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Heat Exchangers

heat-exchangerShell and Tube design is one of the most common types of exchangers used in heat transfer.

Typically used in applications when a process requires large amounts of fluid to be heated or cooled. As a result of their design, shell tube heat exchangers offer a large surface area and thus high heat transfer efficiency.

F fixed tube bundle heat exchangers are nonferrous except the 10 SHELL DIAMETER CODE units which have steel shells. The tubes are high temperature bonded into the headers, allowing minimum tube pitch and permitting a greater number of tubes, resulting in maximum cooling surface area per unit volume of space.

Applications range from cooling of engine jacket water and lube oil, torque converter fluid and hydraulic fluid, to the heating or cooling of process fluids.

HF fixed tube bundle heat exchangers are specially designed for higher shell pressures. The HF line is identical to the F dimensionally, however, due to construction differences, operating pressures of 250 psi 1725 kPa on the shell side are possible.

HF exchangers are used with hydraulic fluids, process fluids and other similar applications where high pressures are encountered.

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