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Oil Coolers

oilcoolerOCH Air Cooled Oil Coolers have been developed by Young Touchstone as a result of over 50 years experience in the de- sign and manufacturer of fluid cooling equipment. Within the fluid power market, many leading industries require an eco- nomic cooler, universally adaptable to an increasing variety of oil cooling applications. Young Touchstone, combining de- sign skill with high standards for construction and performance, has produced this efficient line, providing ample cooling at minimum cost to the customer.

Young Touchstone OCH Oil Coolers are designed for cooling lubricating oil and hydraulic fluids in applications involving bearings, reduction gearing, torque converters, marine transmissions, transformers, internal combustion engines, machine tools and processing equipment. They have an efficient heat transfer core made of steel tubes, aluminum fins and tubular steel manifolds.

OCH have the advantage of providing ample cooling requirements in areas where water is costly or unavailable or when water circuit piping is undesirable and inconvenient. Air cooling also eliminates the necessity for expensive water anti- freeze solutions required to keep water coolants from freezing during the winter. These coolers do double duty in cold climates by recirculating the waste heat absorbed in the cooling process to heat the surrounding room interior.

There are six standard OCH Oil Coolers with a top thermal capacity of 100 hp 76 kw available in single and three phase configuration.


Manufacturer: Young Touchstone


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